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What CANSA’s Holistic Care and Support has meant to YOU

Read about how CANSA has touched these peoples’ lives for good:

Lou Corbitt

In an article in the Maritzburg Sun (11 March 2011) Lou Corbitt thanked CANSA for saving his life. He shared his story, “Two years ago I read an article from CANSA advising all men to take advantage of free blood analysis to detect their Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels. This test would indicate whether there were problems with the prostate or not. After our blood was drawn we filled in forms with our personal particulars and were told to phone for the results in two days time. My friend phoned and was told his reading was satisfactory, but I was asked to come to the clinic where I was told that my reading was excessively high.

I was referred to a very caring and capable urologist. I had to undergo a 2 hr procedure and then had to go for radium treatment. During my recovery period, I met a friend who was experiencing the same problem. Unfortunately, he did not act soon enough and succumbed to the disease. I’m in remission now and have to go for six monthly blood tests. I want to thank CANSA for that all-important free testing.” Lou urges all males over 40 to make a point of going for a yearly PSA test. He stresses, “It might just save your life.” Read more about CANSA’s Men’s Health Campaign…

Faith Songca & Genevieve Swanepoel

Faith Songca from Eastern Cape was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. She said she’s grateful for the support she received from her church, family and CANSA which kept her strong.

Genevieve Swanepoel, also from East London, tells her story of how her colleague had been diagnosed with cancer and to support her she had visited CANSA for information – while there, she went for a free breast-examination. “They felt lumps in my left breast!” she said. Genevieve added she received a lot of support from family, colleagues, friends and CANSA and that her two sons received CANSA counselling when she was diagnosed, as her youngest son had a hard time dealing with the news. Read more about CANSA’s Women’s Health Campaign…

Rose Ndlovu

CANSA’s Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Lodges provide accommodation for the parents of children undergoing treatment, as well as meals and support. Rose Ndlovu is a mother and grandmother who has been touched by cancer. “Since January we’ve been living in the CANSA TLC Lodge at the hospital while my grandson gets treated. My husband takes care of the other six children at home. I’m very happy that we can live in the CANSA TLC Lodge for free as it’s hard to survive for us only on grants.” Read more about CANSA’s TLC Programme for children | teens with cancer or affected by cancer…

Magda Scholts

Magda Scholts (47 yrs), CANSA volunteer, came to the Oudtshoorn CANSA Care Centre in April 2010. She was concerned about a lump she could feel in her breast. Following a breast examination she underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, staying in the CANSA Irma Brushi Care Home for most of her treatment. Having walked the path of a cancer survivor herself, she was the perfect Phakamisa volunteer, understanding breast cancer and all its ‘ups and downs’. (CANSA is a national supporter of Project Phakamisa where volunteers are being trained to educate women about breast cancer, early diagnosis and the importance of following a scientifically-based treatment regime). Magda says of her volunteering experience,” Most of my days are not planned. I often meet women who need help and motivation, going through breast cancer themselves or having a family member with the disease. The public also ask general questions. Phakamisa training enabled me to answer these questions. I use my phone a lot to talk to breast cancer patients, helping them to be positive and to go on with their treatment when they feel like giving up. On their good days I have tea with the women undergoing chemo, trying to keep their spirits high and comforting them with my own story. Also being a CANSA Relay For Life Leader Volunteer helps a lot. Women feel that they know me and approach me with confidence. I love it that so many women feel that they can ask me questions about breast cancer. It often feels like I bond with each and every one of them. I can understand their pain and anxiety. It’s wonderful to comfort them the best way that I can. If we speak about breast cancer I connect spontaneously to that person. Training in Phakamisa gave me the tools to speak with confidence. I am motivated every day of my life to reach out to other people. No matter what your doctor tells you – always be positive. This will not be the end of the road – keep going! I am a living example that breast cancer is not a death sentence. Stand up! Believe! Trust! Fight back!”  Read more about volunteering for CANSA…

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