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To All ‘Lion Hearts’ Out There Fighting Cancer

To All ‘Lion Hearts’ Out There Fighting Cancer

Matthew de Klerk Lions Heart

A ‘Lion’s Heart’ – in memory of Matthew de Klerk…

Daniel Baron, popular South African singer & songwriter, shares a personal message of encouragement to all children fighting cancer, below:

We all have people that inspire us in our lives. My cousin, Matthew de Klerk, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. He fought it until he was 14.

A couple of weeks before he passed away, I was inspired to write him a song. This song, ‘A Lion’s Heart’, is about Matthew – about his indescribable bravery and about his love for life.

He taught me that if we have faith, live life for each moment and appreciate the gift of today, we will “never be afraid of the dark”. Not once was Matthew ever afraid. He really did have ‘a lion’s heart’.

I dedicate this song to Matthew’s memory and to all other ‘Lion Hearts’ out there fighting cancer…

(Permission was obtained from Daniel Baron to share this story & video).

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  • Kayla says:

    I knew matthew since grade 00
    He was a true inspiration to me and everyone at school and everyone around him. We miss him terribly.
    This song has helped me through many struggles. Amazing song for such an amazing and true inspiration to us all. RIP matthew.. We miss you x

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Thank you for sharing Kayla, this song is an amazing tribute to Matthew and a great encouragement!

  • Susan Smyth says:

    So inspirational for those fighting and those that have survived but living with that little fear. Thank you for sharing this with us. Find myself belting out the words !!

  • Gina Pretorius says:

    Absolutely inspirational!
    Matthew was definitely an example to all of us and his family are role models… how we all should be able to love and stick together…. and yes – to never be afraid of the dark.

    LOVE IT!

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