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Smokeless tobacco and cancer

Smokeless tobacco products include chewed tobaccosucked tobacco and inhaled tobacco. Scientists have shown that using any form of smokeless tobacco increases your risk of cancer.

Smokeless tobacco contains many different chemicals that can cause cancer, it also contains nicotine, so like cigarettes it is highly addictive. Smokeless tobacco products such as snuff and snus are being marketed  to young people by promoting flavoured and milder-tasting products.

Forms of non-cigarette smoking, such as waterpipes, also known as “hubbly-bubblies”, are becoming popular among young people in cafés and on college campuses.

Tobacco can kill in any guise, regardless of whether you smoke it, chew it or inhale it through a waterpipe.

Hubbly Bubbly – water pipe smoking

For FAQ, fact sheets, news release and other material regarding hubbly bubbly, click here.

Time to Quit

  • Call the National Council Against Smoking QUIT Line: 011-720 3145
  • CANSA’s eKick Butt programme is an online programme to help support you to quit smoking. Through a series of emails, surveys and downloads, we will guide you and mentor you as you quit smoking and non-smoking becomes a lifelong habit, not merely the time interval between two cigarettes. This programme supplies a series of handy tools – tried and tested – to help you quit for good. Click here to read more and join for free…

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