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Raksha Naicker – Cancer Stories of Hope #CANSA90

Raksha Naicker

What is your current cancer diagnosis?


How long have you been living with that cancer?

I was diagnosed with AML 2 weeks ago.

How does living with cancer affect you in general in your day-to-day living?

This has been a great surprise to me and my family. I never knew I had this until now. I’m on my 7th day of chemo and I go to the recovery period as of tomorrow, 7 June 2021. I guess we all fear the unknown.

Is there a family history of cancer? Please elaborate if yes.

No family history.

How have you or your loved ones been affected by you living with cancer?

I have two amazing kids and a husband who seem to hold on to each other and me like I never imagined.

How has having cancer affected you during this time of COVID-19?

It’s a really difficult time for me. Due to rules and conditions I don’t have the privilege of being with my kids and husband and I am sure the greatest healer for this is the love and support of family. It’s really a challenge to fight this by yourself. Oh how I wish I could have them in isolation with me.

What is your message to our government regarding the prevention, management and treatment of cancer?

Please reconsider educational programmes and services that help families during this time both financially and providing personal support services. Use our youth to provide help and support for these unfortunate challenges and consider a wide variety of opportunities this could bring to millions of people.

What is your message to other people living with cancer?

You are a super human. Thats your super power. You are an inspiration to someone who needs you to be their “HOPE”.

Is pain a daily part of your life and how do you manage it?

No not yet. I will have to wait and see.

What support do you think cancer patients need most?

I would love to help inspire others. I will definitely get to tell my story of how I survived AML. You will know my name Raksha Naicker “I am Legend”!

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