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Pap smear Saves Maphuti’s Life

Maphuti Marogoa cervical cancer Survivor...

Maphuti Marogoa cervical cancer Survivor…

When Maphuti Marogoa (49) went for her regular check-up and Pap smear in 2008, her life changed forever. Maphuti describes her journey to recovery:

I do not wish anyone, even my worst enemy, to go through what I did, or worse, lose their life to a disease such as cancer.

In 2008 I went for my regular check-up, including a Pap smear. After few weeks I went to check my results. The nursing sister called me to her office to inform me that the results indicated that I have Cervical Cancer. The cancer was in its very early stage (1st stage).

I couldn’t believe the news – I went into shock and I was angry. As a child of God, I relied on prayer more than any other thing. I went for a second opinion that confirmed my diagnosis. I lived with cancer for many months, until I went for an operation in 2009.

I know that I am one of the lucky ones, because I am still here to share my story.

A friend introduced me to CANSA and after few weeks I was invited to a Relay for Life event. This was how I started as a CANSA Volunteer. I served on the Relay for Life Committee for three years and I then I served as a Council Member. I have given a lot of Health Talks at different events.

CANSA has helped me appreciate life. The support I received was overwhelming and I feel at home. CANSA serves as a ray of hope to those who do not see life beyond the cancer – for a while I was one of those people…

I urge all women to go for regular check-ups, lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life. For those who are still fighting the disease just remember that it is always darkest before the dawn.

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If you have any concerns re your health, please contact your local CANSA Care Centre. Read info & find support resources for ‘cancer Survivors’ (anyone who has heard the words “you have cancer”).

In Loving Memory

15 July 2015: CANSA Bloemfontein wrote, “We are saddened today by the loss of Maputhi Marogoa. Maphuthi was a valuble member of our CANSA Regional council , a dedicated Volunteer, friend and CANSA advocate. Her passion, dedication and support inspired us all. Our condolences go out to her loved ones. Maputhi , you will be missed”.

(Maphuti passed away due to lung cancer).


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