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October 2016: Breast Cancer Survivor Candice Shares Daily Blog to Inspire


Candice Fehrsen

On the 27th July 2015, Candice Fehrsen, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This is her story regarding the year that followed, her highs and lows serialised for “pink month”. She hopes to dispel fears and guide the newly diagnosed and their loved ones through what to expect.

Each day for the month of October she will share a post on her blog with this end in mind.

Says Candice, “CANSA has kindly agreed to share my story – but it is important to say that my thoughts and ideas are my own and my opinions (which are sometimes quite emphatic) are not necessarily those held by CANSA. I do hope though to provide a useful reference for the newly diagnosed, their family and friends.”

You are invited to follow her journey from the operating table to present day at:

29 September 2016:

My Lump in the Road (introduction to blog)

Dear Recently Diagnosed (personal letter from Candice)

30 September 2016:

Is it Cancer?

1st to 3rd October 2016:

Guidelines for Friends and Family

Journey to the Operating Table

4 October 2016:


5 October 2016:

Surgery – now what?

6 October 2016:

First time at Oncology

7 October 2016:

To have Chemo or not to have Chemo

Why I Chose Chemo

8th to 10th October 2016:

Hair (before first chemo)

Chemo: Session 1


11 October 2016:

Hair Gone Girl

12 October 2016:

Life with No Hair

13 October 2016:

Cancer Chemo-Care Packages

14 October 2016:

Chemo Side-Effects

15 October 2016:

Blood Tests and so on – What Does it all Mean?

16 October 2016:

Chemo Continues

Medication and Me

17 October 2016:

The Last of the Red Devil

18 October 2016:


19 October 2016:

What to Pack for Chemo

20 October 2016:

18 Chemo Survival Tips

21 October 2016:

Your Kids and Your Cancer

22nd to 24th October 2016:

New Chemo – Doxetaxel & Herceptin

25th to 26th October 2016:

Doxetaxel Side Effects

Decision to Get a Port

27th October 2016:


28th October 2016:

Post-Chemo Side Effects

29th October 2016:


30th October 2016:

Official All Clear: Herceptin

31st October 2016:

Miscellaneous Thoughts & Opinions

Reflections on the Year that Was

About Candice & CANSA

In 2011 I took on a 6 week job which would later turn into my passion. It was with Mrs South Africa (Pty) Ltd. It was my work with Mrs South Africa that introduced me to CANSA, who we adopted, prior to my diagnosis, as our official charity. In 2015, Mrs South Africa PTY Ltd along with our finalists raised over one million rand for CANSA.

It was during our workshops with CANSA that the importance of breast self-examination was drummed into my consciousness and I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for that I would never have discovered my lump, and if I had, I wouldn’t have been alerted to the potential significance and gone to the doctor until it was too late, if I had gone at all.

I believe that the simple knowledge that I needed to consult my doctor if I felt anything out of the ordinary in my breasts saved my life.

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