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Know the Law – It’s Your Right to a Smoke-Free World

In the Government Gazette of 21 August 2009, Parliament proclaimed that two Acts which amend South Africa’s tobacco control laws are now in operation. The Acts were passed by Parliament in 2007 and 2008.

Key points in the latest amendments are:

  • Adults may not smoke in a car when a passenger under 12 years is present
  • Smoking is not allowed in premises ( including private homes) used for commercial childcare activities, such as crèches, or for schooling or tutoring
  • No person under 18 may be allowed into a designated smoking area
  • No smoking in ‘partially enclosed public places such as balconies, covered patios, verandas, walkways, parking areas, etc.
  • The fine for the owner of a restaurant, pub, bar and workplace that breaks the smoking law is a maximum of R50,000 and for the individual smoker R500
  • The tobacco industry can no longer use ‘viral’ marketing like parties to target young people
  • The sale of tobacco products to and by persons under the age of 18 years is prohibited
  • Cigarette vending machines that sell tobacco products cannot be used to sell other products like crisps, chocolates etc.

Help enforce the law – if you know that the law is being broken take action – read guidelines here…

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