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Jenney and her Family’s Journey with Smoking & Cancer

Please quit smoking27 May 2013: Jenney decided to share her family’s story with us in the hope that it will motivate someone to quit smoking:

“My Mom passed away in 2002 after a 6 month journey with lung cancer and matastic brain cancer. She had smoked for 42 yrs and she was only 61 yrs when she died.

Her sister died 2 years later after a very short journey with lung cancer, then Mom’s brother passed away 4yrs after that also with lung cancer.

We lost our brother last year September at the age of 55, to bladder cancer which was smoking related.

(Nicotine is deposited in other parts of the body which becomes a catalyst for cancer to form). My cousin’s son Brandon is an Oncologist and the Uncle who passed away was his Grandfather.  Apparently this form of lung cancer is all smoking related and not genetic.

My mom wanted to stop so many times… The day she heard she had aggressive lung cancer, is the day she stopped smoking, she shed many tears wishing she had listened.”

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