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Health Promotion by Varsity College 4th year students focussing on No Tobacco

CANSA asked the 2014 4th year student Block at the Varsity College, Cape Town, to do a study on the knowledge, beliefs and perceptions on Tobacco, as 2014 World No Tobacco Day focussed on youth.

They presented their findings and then proceeded to develop a health promotion activity at the College to raise awareness on Tobacco related health issues at the campus.  Approximately 68 people used the breathalyser machine on the day.

Some of the activities on the health day included:

  • An electronic model of normal lungs compared to emphysema lungs
  • Specimens of smoker’s lungs and lungs with cancer
  • The explanation of what carbon monoxide is
  • The carbon monoxide breathalyser test
  • Video’s regarding different aspects of tobacco smoking
  • A timeline showing the benefits of quitting smoking
  • A calculator that can be used to determine the amount of money spent on smoking
  • Informative posters sponsored by CANSA
  • Pamphlets regarding cigarette and hooka smoking

The breathalyser test was quite popular with the students and was really interactive with the group members as well as the students (students would compare scores and wanted to see the difference with those who did not smoke).

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