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Karimkhon Bukhadurov from interviewed CANSA as part of their ‘ Talks With…’ podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world. 

Cancer is a life-altering diagnosis, and can be a scary reality for many individuals and their families. In South Africa, an estimated one in four South Africans will be affected by cancer at some point in their lifetime. But amidst this reality, there is hope. One organization working tirelessly to combat cancer is the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). Their commitment to prevention, early detection, and support services is making a significant impact in the fight against cancer.

In this article, we talk with Lucy Balona, Spokesperson for CANSA, about the broad and vital work CANSA’s been doing.

“CANSA offers an array of services that range from education and awareness campaigns to support services for cancer patients and their families. With over 30 dedicated Care Centres across South Africa, CANSA provides one of the most comprehensive cancer support systems in the country. We offer care and support for everything from counseling and emotional support to accommodation for patients who need to travel for their treatment. In addition to these support services, CANSA also runs campaigns that raise awareness about cancer prevention and early detection”, says Balona. 

One of the most significant ways that CANSA raises awareness is through its partnerships with various organizations and individuals who support the cause. CANSA works closely with cancer specialists, advocacy groups, and government bodies to provide specialized care and support to cancer patients. They also work with schools and universities to educate young people about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection.

One of the ways in which they achieve their mission is through community outreach programs. These programs are designed to educate the public about cancer and its risk factors. CANSA believes in empowering individuals with knowledge, and they work to do this through education.

Another important aspect of CANSA’s work is early detection and screening. They provide mobile screening clinics, which travel to different communities to offer free cancer screenings. These clinics are especially crucial because many individuals living in underprivileged communities do not have access to medical resources. Early detection is key to treating cancer, and CANSA’s mobile screenings can make a significant difference in ensuring that more people receive a timely diagnosis.

CANSA also offers support services to individuals and families affected by cancer. They have a network of care homes, which provide accommodation and support services for patients undergoing treatment. Additionally, their specialized counselling services provide emotional and psychological support to those affected by cancer. These services are crucial in ensuring that patients and families feel supported during their cancer journey.

In addition to the work in South Africa, CANSA has also expanded their operations to other parts of Africa. “We have partnered with various African countries to provide cancer screening, treatment, and care to people who do not have access to these services. We are also actively involved in advocacy work, pushing governments to prioritize cancer prevention, detection, and treatment”, Balona explains. 

CANSA is making a significant impact in the fight against cancer. Through community outreach programs, early detection and screening, and support services, CANSA is working to create a world where cancer is no longer a life-altering diagnosis. If you or someone you know is affected by cancer, CANSA is an excellent resource for guidance and support.

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