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Gallery: Hair Donations for Wigs

In January 2016, Mila Roscherr was challenged to do an “Intentional Act of Kindness” as part of her family’s New Year’s resolution.

After seeing an article about a young girl with cancer, the decision was easy. Mila decided to challenge her friends to donate 25 cm of hair for a wig for a young cancer survivor. Her friends embraced the challenge and five courageous girls living in Montagu and attending Robertson Logos Christian School had their hair cut on Thursday 24 November 2016.

A big thank you to Michael Cole from Carma Hair Studio who sponsored the haircuts.

I am Jenna Petersen and I am 9 years old, in Grade 4. Earlier in 2016 I was watching some YouTube videos and I came across some videos about donating your hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. I felt so sad for those kids and I thought that maybe in some way by donating my hair I could make a child happy.

Xenia Verbeek knew she wanted to donate her hair to a great cause and three years ago started growing her hair specifically with the intention of donating it to make a wig for a young girl who might need it.

Xenia Verbeek before and after…

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