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Frances De Bruyn – Cancer Stories of Hope #CANSA90

What is your current cancer diagnosis?


How long have you been living with that cancer?

I was diagnosed in December 2005.

How have you or your loved ones been affected by you living with cancer?

In the beginning it was devastating, but now we live day to day by the Grace of God.

How has having cancer affected you during this time of COVID-19?

Not at all, we live a normal day to day life.

What is your message to our government regarding the prevention, management and treatment of cancer?

Maybe make it more affordable and private.

What is your message to other people living with cancer?

To change habits and make positive changes, living a healthy lifestyle and doing daily exercise, like walking.

Is pain a daily part of your life and how do you manage it?

I suffer from the lymphoedema, but found that a good massage with the right product helps. My husband massages me and it helps for up to 7 days which is perfect for me.

How has CANSA supported you in your diagnosis?

They where very helpful when I was at Bloemfontein University Hospital and even sent a counsellor. They are very good in what they do.

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