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CANSA Seal of Recognition


CANSA Seal of Recognition



In July 2020, CANSA extended the Smart Choice Seal to include all ReboundSA products, including their rebounders.

In February 2021, ReboundSA and CANSA launched the national and very popular CANSA/ReboundSA Bounce-A-Thon where instructors and studios affiliated with ReboundSA collaborate by offering classes all over SA on a set date to raise awareness and funds for CANSA.

As part of CANSA’s 90th birthday, CANSA revitalised our Seal of Recognition as well as introducing our new category, Physical Activity. ReboundSA was our first partner in our CANSA Smart Choice Seal Physical Activity category.

CANSA supports always consulting your Healthcare and Fitness Professional before starting any fitness programme or using any equipment to determine if it is right for your needs.


Keith and Justine McFarlane from ReboundSA are South Africa’s pioneers in using rebounding as an activity to assist with the prevention of cancer. The development of their lymphatic patting techniques, as well as working with medical and therapeutic practitioners, and in many of CANSA’s centres – resulted in the request from CANSA in 2010 to produce a video, which ReboundSA called “The Miracle Exercise” to promote and demonstrate the information and techniques.

In 2011, in recognition of their work, CANSA awarded ReboundSA the Smart Choice Seal of approval for their rebounding programs, which included their book: Rebounding for Health and Fitness. To date, their book and programs have been viewed, used, and read by over a million users.

In 2013 ReboundSA pioneered the national drive to take rebounding into Fitness studios and centres with the launch of their Instructor Training Courses and have so far trained over 450 instructors who work throughout Southern Africa and Internationally. They support and assist their instructors in developing and establishing their classes, studios, and their own brands, including Rebounding courses developed by their instructors that focus on very specific styles and needs. Read more …



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Keith and Justine’s NooBounce children’s rebounding program uses unique training, safety, and movement techniques that they developed, tried, and tested over many years, which also carry the approval of a registered paediatric chiropractor.  Their “Light&Low” program for 55+ is being facilitated in studios and Retirement homes in SA as well as the UK.

Over the past 22 years of hands-on work and experience with Rebounding, Keith and Justine have extensively tried and tested every model and design of rebounders, and have honed the design of their products to be as enjoyable, as well as safe, and suitable as possible to use for both health and fitness purposes, by participants of all ages and abilities.

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