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CANSA Bloemfontein Staff Choose to Lose!

April 2016: In the battle of the scales all staff members of CANSA’s Central Business Unit – Bloemfontein are losers!

Staff collectively lost 22.1 kg during the past month!

CANSA Bloem Staff Celebrate

CANSA Bloemfontein Staff celebrate…

Mondays are no longer blue, when staff weigh in under the watchful eye and expert guidance of our Community Mobiliser (Service Delivery), Golo Monnanyana.

Golo shows off her medal

Golo shows off her medal

Said Golo, “I come bearing good news. Our efforts to live a balanced lifestyle are paying off! It’s wonderful to share ideas on how we can make changes to improve our lifestyle. Remember to eat right, to move and to do your regular health screenings.”

This has been a wonderful team building exercise and lunch times are spent checking each other’s lunch boxes and ensuring that those who took chances were quickly brought back in line, with loads of teasing!

It has been so inspirational that staff will be continuing with this throughout 2016.

Golo has set a wonderful example by completing her first 10 km race in the Mangaung OR Tambo Marathon Race, after starting to actively run 10 months ago. Some of the other staff members are regulars at the weekly Naval Hill Parkrun on Saturdays.

This is an exciting new direction the Bloemfontein team has taken, in not only talking about the CANSA Balanced Lifestyle Campaign, but really living it.

CANSA Bloemfontein challenges their CANSA Colleagues throughout SA to take up the weight loss challenge and be losers too!

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