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Stories of Hope

Cancer and Hope in One Sentence

Lucinda Carter

Lucinda Carter

Lucinda Carter’s Cancer Journey:

I did not think there was such a thing, but after I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, it became a reality for me – there is hope after cancer!

I am the mother of four children and I was bowled over when the doctor gave me the news. Suddenly this disease filled my life and I could think of nothing else than how to survive.

Fortunately, I was privileged to have a sympathetic and experienced physician. He put in a lot of effort into informing me about cancer and what I could expect. It dispelled many of my fears and the uncertainty that comes with diagnosis. In October 2005 I started my therapy at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital. You tend to feel sorry for yourself, but at the hospital I saw infants who encouraged me.

There was a whole row of children sitting and waiting. Clearly sick, yet none of them complained. It was the bravery of these children that gave me the courage and hope to go back each time for chemo and radiation.

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I stayed at the Mkhuhla CANSA Care Home, while I received my treatment. Here the cancer patients were treated like royalty by the CANSA staff. I like to remember the good friends I met there, especially Karen Dippenaar who despite her own battle with cancer gave us all great joy with her bubbly personality. Bonds of friendship were formed here, among a group of people who all had cancer, but who lifted each other up, so that at times we forgot we were actually sick. A few of us even repaired and varnished the old lounge furniture. Truly a home away from home!

I was fortunate that my mother and my better half looked after our children in my absence. Thank goodness for family and friends who care so much. Ladies I did not even know gave me a box full of gifts. I could only open them each time I had finished my chemotherapy. There was so much caring and hope for cancer patients out there that it amazed me.

Today I am fortunate to work at CANSA, and maybe even make a difference in someone’s life. I have more appreciation for my family and friends around me.

Clearly Cancer and HOPE can be mentioned in the same sentence!

About Lucinda

Lucinda Carter is a cancer Survivor and now works for CANSA. She is also a member of our Facebook group for cancer Survivors ‘Champions of Hope’. She is a positive person who often posts messages to inspire her fellow Survivors.

Why don’t you join her on our Champions of Hope Facebook Group?


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