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An Amazing Race team building event for CANSA at Gold Reef City Theme Park

Join us for the first-ever EXCLUSIVE fund-raiser for CANSA at Gold Reef City Theme Park on Monday, 7 November 2022.

This event is based on an Amazing Race type concept by K-Smart teambuilding. The entry fee includes parking, entrance, and a buffet lunch. All proceeds go to CANSA. For more information visit

Registration on Quicket

Order of Events

08:00  Team Registration
09:00  Survivor Celebration / Event Briefing
09:30  Start of Amazing Race
10:00  Start Survivor Luncheon
12:00  End of Survivor Luncheon
13:00  End of Amazing Race / Lunch / Start of Prize Giving
14:00  End of Event / Day

First Leg of the Race – Thrill Rides

Our Amazing Race has no running and consists of a short walk, is fit for all ages, and no one is forced to go on the rides.  At least four people per team have to go on the rides, while others have to take pics, and others have to solve riddles.  Each riddle will point to a Thrill Ride. Rides include the Anaconda, Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miners Revenge, UFO, High Flying Maverick, Storm Chaser etc.

Second Leg of the Race

This part of our Amazing Race consists of no running, has low physical requirements, and is suitable for most age groups.  The teams are encouraged to do pre-event fundraising and there will be a prize for the most fundraising, as well as a Grand Prize for the Team that wins the Amazing Race.  GET, SET, GO!

For more information email

Terms & Conditions

  1. The dress code is casual, and the Teambuild Events have low physical requirements and are suitable for most ages.
  2. The Armbands for entry and participation on the day of The Cansa Amazing Race are printed on the morning of the event, are not refundable, and cannot be transferred to another day.
  3. CANSA agrees to comply with the rules and requirements of Ksmart Team Building (D Kotze t/s Ksmart) in pursuance of ensuring the safety and health of people attending the Amazing Race at Gold Reef City.
  4. Please note that Theme Park is closed to General Public on Mondays.
  5. All facilities are used at own risk and management reserves the right to limit entry into Gold Reef City and/or to evict, without refund, any person, not abiding by the General Rules, Boarding Notices or Park Guides.
  6. Under no circumstances will management or the owners be liable for any losses or damages sustained as a result of injuries, theft or accidents, whatsoever arising, whether occasioned by any person failing to abide by these Rules and Boarding Notices, or by own act or omissions. Any queries must be directed to management who are responsible for the operating and management of Gold Reef City.
  7. Shoes must be worn in the park at all times.
  8. Performances, operating times and prices are subject to change without notice and refunds are at management’s discretion. When unsafe weather conditions dictate, certain rides, shows and attractions may be closed.
  9. First Aid: for your safety, nurses are on duty during park operating hours.
  10. No firearms or other dangerous objects are allowed into Gold Reef City under any circumstances and offenders may be prosecuted. Management reserves the right to confiscate any such items found.
  11. No offensive behaviour as a result of alcohol or other controlled substance abuse permitted in Gold Reef City.
  12. No pets, skateboards, roller blades, two-way radios or bicycles are allowed into Gold Reef City.
  13. All children 12 years and under are subject to a responsible adult’s supervision.
  14. Guests may not bring their own food or beverages of any kind or form into Gold Reef City.
  15. All signage inside Gold Reef City is in English. If any instruction is unclear, please ask Guest Services for assistance.
  16. For your safety, some rides and attractions are restricted according to height.
  17. Always adhere to the height restriction – it is for your own safety.
  18. Depending on your personal health status please be advised that certain rides can be hazardous to your health.
  19. Some ride seat restraints may not accommodate guests with certain upper body dimensions. Please use the test seat at the queue line entrance to ensure your ability to safely ride. This applies to Miners Revenge, Anaconda and Tower of Terror specifically. Storm Chaser and High Flying Maverick has the same seat restraints, but these rides do not have test seats.
  20. Certain rides are not recommended for expectant mothers.
  21. No smoking, eating or drinking allowed on the rides or in ride queues.
  22. Shoes must be worn on all rides at all times.
  23. Availability of rides are subject to change without notice and refunds are at management’s discretion.
  24. When unsafe weather conditions dictate, certain rides, may be closed.
  25. Follow the Operator’s instructions and obey safety rules at all times.
  26. No queue jumping or place keeping permitted.
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