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18 Ponytails for Duncan

My son, Duncan Clark, (one of twins) was 18 and had osteosarcoma in his left knee leading to a knee replacement. He passed away on the 18th January 2016 and was in ward 18 in Clinton Clinic.

On the 18th January 2021 it was 5 years since he passed away and I specifically grew my hair and made 18 strings, cutting it on the 18th of January 2021.

Busy with chemo, on days he felt okay he loved fishing.

We lost my mom about 16 years ago due to cancer and my mother in law also had breast cancer (she’s in remission now) and received a wig when she lost her hair due to chemo.

I also started donating blood to say thank you for all the blood Duncan received. Dwane his brother also started donating blood now to help other people. Dwane also cut his hair to support his brother.

After we got the news they can do nothing more for Duncan, he planned his own funeral and his final request of me was to keep his ashes and when it’s my time to go home, I must also be cremated and both our ashes to be spread tougher as eagle waters, his words (then we tougher again) he just loved fishing.

He also picked 3 colours for his funeral – purple represents he is a child of God. Blue – he is free. White – he is going to be cleaned and washed with the blood of Jesus and freedom.

So you see why this meant so much to me. Duncan and I walked the road side by side 24/7. Even when he was in hospital I was by his side and taking care of him until the last second.

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