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Young Adults – Questions to Ask Your Oncologist to Help Understand Your Diagnosis and Treatment

Sometimes a visit to the oncologist may feel overwhelming, especially when you are not used to certain medical terms. Your loved ones, relatives or a good friend could accompany you to help you take in all the information the oncologist will share.

It is also useful to have a notebook to write things down, for example answers to the following questions, as cancer treatment can also affect memory:

1)  How do you know I have cancer?

2) What kind of cancer do I have?

3) Where is the cancer?

4) Is the cancer anywhere else in my body?

5) What type of tests or procedures do I need?

6) How long will I receive treatment?

7) What is the chance of my cancer being cured?

8) How will treatment benefit me?

9) What can I expect during treatment?

10) Will there be side effects caused by the treatment?

11) If I need to stay in hospital how long will it be and may my family visit me?

12) Can a family member or friend come with me when I have treatment if I do not have to stay in the hospital?

13) Are there any things I am not allowed to do during treatment?

14) What will happen if I do not get treatment?

15) How will cancer treatment affect my fertility? What fertility preservation options are available to me?

Source: “I have Cancer now what?” by Dr Annemarie Oberholzer and Dr Melanie van Aswegen

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