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Write on our Wall – February 2018

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  • CHRISTA says:

    i have breat cancer in october 2015, i stay positive and strong. and all the thanks for JESUS , AND FATHER

  • Judith Dos Santos says:

    Thank you for all your responses. It is true that my family took strain last year. In truth I don’t like going to Donald Gordan. My treatments are so much less than some of the other patients and

  • Judith Dos Santos says:


    As a child I spent much of my time in hospital in the oncology ward. My problems weren’t related to cancer but, as I was considered a terminal patient, it was the ward of choice at the time.
    I met Christopher (a cancer patient) in hospital who was the only person who had a goldfish in the ward. So of course this was of great interest to me. Unfortunately one morning I watched as Christopher said goodbye to his parents with the following words “Moenie huil nie mama, ek gaan huistoe” Christopher didn’t know what impact that had on me and my path to finding Jesus and life.

    I was in and out of hospital for many years after that, had +/- 17 operations by the time I left school and was given a more or less fit bill of health at 18. Due to my problems, I could not have children and adopted a baby girl when I was thirty. She is the joy of my life. Three years ago I was admitted to hospital again with near kidney failure. Last year on 18 January 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To date the operation count between my kidneys and breast cancer has increased to about 22 opps.

    Now, I don’t believe in surviving. I have learnt over the years that there are some giants that we face that need to be killed. Overcoming is my preferred word. The best way to overcome is on your knees. This may seem cliched to some who are skeptical about Jesus, but I know first hand that without him I would not have overcome any of the ordeals that life threw at me. Last year hit me particularly hard as I never expected that I would get cancer ontop of all my other physical challenges. I believe that God directed me very gently to the best cancer specialists in Johannesburg lead by Prof Carol-anne Benn at Milpark hospital.

    An overcomer is someone who despite what life throws at them has the ability to remain joyful, stand in the midst of trials and is ever believing for a different outcome. An overcomer has the ability to look outwards to those in need around them even in during thier suffering. An overcomer is never a victim, but is a victor. I am not a survivor, surviving from day to day, but an overcomer full of the knowledge that God’s promises are true.


  • Albert Wapenaar says:

    From age 13 years i had brain cancer and after 4 operations today i am a great cancer survivor. In my last operation they put in a shunt and that is doing the job just right. Sometimes there’s pain and then it takes the pain away. But it works and for that i thank the Lord. For this i can only say thank you. There is almost nothing i can say but just to say thank you to the Cancer Association for what they doing for me to go on and on. In December 2015 just before Christmas i felt ill and was sent for a mri and there they saw something wrong. Over December, over the holidays, over Christmas, i was in hospital with a huge operation on my head. I also had all of those treatments they have and today i am a health little boy, although I am 48 years old. Many thanks to all my friends and all of my family, without you and God i am worth nothing, but With Him on my side i am a child of God. Many thanks for this opportunity to raise my feeling to what God can do AMEN.

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      It is wonderful that you are so positive after fighting cancer from the age of 13. Thank you for sharing your story Albert. If you would like to connect with other cancer Survivors you can join our Facebook Group for Cancer Survivors and loved ones here:

  • Prisca says:

    To all those with Cancer,its not the end of the world, stay positive and be strong. Im on your side and i love you all.

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