The responsibility rests with patients to contact CANSA for assistance. Read more...

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Write on our Wall – December 2019 / January 2020

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Support Resources for cancer Survivors & Loved Ones

Contact your local CANSA Care Centre for support and find online resources for cancer Survivors (anyone who has heard the words ‘you have cancer’) or loved ones, and about coping with cancer.

* The responsibility rests with patients to contact CANSA for assistance. CANSA is not informed of any diagnoses / of patients being treated at medical centres. Family need to obtain permission from patients, before CANSA may contact them. Read more…



  • I just want to say thanks, to CANSA, for all your help, and support. Because I was diagnose with cancer, I understand the feelings that goes through your mind. After the doctor notice me, that I am clean of the cancer, still I got that feeling, things that goes through my mind. All cancer patient needs support, help 24/7. The problem is, people don’t understand, what goes through a cancer patient’s mind. That fear, wondering how long will you still be here, when will you die. Be prepared for that moment, when you gone die, and many other things

    Children that is been diagnose with any kind of cancer, they need help, And support the most. They are young, and don’t know what to expect in the future.
    I just want to say thanks, to the people who support CANSA.

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Thank you for your support Willem, it is wonderful to know that the support we provide is making a difference, as we believe no-one should have to face cancer alone. Please consider joining our FBK support group for cancer patients and loved ones, to inspire them and to receive encouragement also:

  • michael says:

    I had cancer in 2004 and as can be seen I’m still here. I never knew about the Cansa group so i had nobody to learn on but now I do and I will support you guys. Like Dennis I’m also a radio amateur ZS1RJQ.

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      I’m sad to hear that you didn’t receive the support you needed at the time you were diagnosed. Thank you for your support Michael. Please consider joining our FBK Support Group for adult patients and loved ones to inspire our patients. The group is for those who have been diagnosed, receiving treatment or in remission:

  • Wendy Gordon says:

    The children of the late Ivy Ruiters would like to thank you for your support during our Mother’s struggling time. Sadly she went home to be with the Lord on 23.12.2019, but your assistance was greatly appreciated.
    We salute all cancer survivors and their families and all the support staff at your association… God bless you all.

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Thank you for letting us know Wendy, our deepest condolences to you and your family.

  • Guslin Engel says:

    Dear Cansa.
    Thank you for everything you do for all of us cancer patients. I am also a survivor of breast and limphnode cancer.

    May God bless you and your families this fest of season and continue the work you do from the help and guidance of the Lord.

    God bless you.

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