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Video: Men Tend to Avoid Going to the Doctor

Men – regardless of geography, race or ethnicity – tend to live shorter than women and become sicker or disabled earlier in life, according to studies in the US and internationally.

Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, Head of the International Society of Men’s Health, says that this is due to the fact that men avoid visits to the doctor and that they are not into a culture of ‘preventative visits’.

They feel this is not the manly thing to do or that they are ‘invincible’. Watch video…


What’s Your Excuse for Avoiding Check-Ups?

  • Going to the doctor or for regular check-ups is a “chick thing” – men don’t go to the doctor…
  • The symptom (s) I am experiencing will eventually go away – if it gets really serious I’ll make an appointment…
  • Day-to-day demands of life or work are hectic – I don’t have time now…
  • Regular check-ups are a waste of time & money – I only go to a doctor as a last resort…
  • I’ve waited too long and I’m scared of what the doctor will find…

Excuses like these will only land you in hot water – the longer you put off visiting your doctor, the higher your risk for developing a chronic medical condition or worse, that it is too late for treatment!

The verdict is in – if you want to live a fuller, longer life – it’s time to recognise that you need to know and take care of your body, which includes regular check-ups.

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