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Type E โ€“ Thurandrie Naiker – Pediatric Brain Tumors & Neuro-oncology Training in Sub-Saharan Africa

A travel grant was awarded to Thurandrie Naiker from Groote Schuur Hospital and Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Cape Town to attend and give two educational presentations at the Society for Neuro-Oncology in Sub-Saharan Africa (SNOSSA) meeting in Nigeria from 21 – 25 July 2018.

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The major areas of study and how the visit have contributed to the understanding and/or management of cancer

The main area of study was Neuro-Oncology.

This included adult and pediatrics and encompassed neurosurgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The meeting was aimed at improving the understanding this area and teaching delegates in sub- Saharan Africa.

New techniques of brain surgery were discussed and shown to delegates as well as local experiences shared.

Chemotherapy for the relevant brain tumors was presented as well as the evidence for using it in certain histologies. Targeted agents were a hot topic.

Radiotherapy techniques and innovations were discussed and new African programs, like our Access to care training program were presented to show delegates, what is available to improve skills.

Limitations in access and poverty were addressed by many and ways to overcome these in certain circumstances were offered.

Pediatric specific brain tumors were discussed, and Cape Town is a high-volume referral Centre for these, so we had a wealth of experience to share.

Other sessions included palliative care both in adults and pediatrics.

With the coming together of several countries sharing their experience, trial experience and knowledge, all delegates could take back information to their homes with view to improving understanding and management of adult and pediatric brain tumors.

This was the first meeting of its kind and it is going to happen annually and is to be partnered with Pediatric Brain tumor workshop and the South African Congress of Oncology in August 2019.

SNOSSAs input will be fed back to more South African delegates in order for us to uplift the practice of South African oncologists in 2019.

Download the presentation with the title Neuro-oncology Training in Sub-Saharan Africa

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