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Type E – Professor Alan Davidson – the advancement of paediatric oncology in low and middle income countries

A travel grant was awarded to Prof Alan Davidson from Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital to attend the 49th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) in Washington from 12th to 15th October 2017.

The major areas of study and how the visit have contributed to the understanding and/or management of cancer

The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) is the only global multidisciplinary society entirely devoted to paediatric and adolescent cancer. It has over 1000 members worldwide including doctors, nurses, other health-care professionals, scientists and researchers.

One of the core committees of SIOP is devoted to the advancement of paediatric oncology in low and middle income countries. This is the Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries (PODC) committee. I am the co-chair of the PODC from 2016 to 2019. My specific duties and contributions were as follows:

11 October 2017:

I chaired the annual business meeting and strategic planning session.

12 October 2017:

I convened and/or chaired:

  • Session 1: Free Papers: Best of PODC
  • Session 3: Selected Papers: Best of the Continents

13 October 2017:

  1. I attended an editorial board meeting of the flagship journal of SIOP, PBC
  2. I co-chaired the AGM of SIOP Africa with continental president Lorna Renner

14 October 2017:

  1. I co-chaired a PODC Free Paper session
  2. I gave the PODC report at the SIOP annual business meeting
  3. I took part in a facilitated panel discussion as part of the Advocacy Symposium on Childhood Cancer in Oceania: Giving Voice to Children with Cancer Beyond Reach
  4. I met with the SIOP board to represent the PODC

15 October 2017:

I co-convened and co-chaired a symposium: Translation of knowledge – An NSPHO and SIOP PODC Review and Discussion.

Both Professor Parkes (who was also sponsored and who serves on the PODC’s PROS LMIC working group) and I are engaged in a variety of projects for SIOP and the international community. These include teaching, advocacy and research, as well as writing guidelines. This latter work, as part of the Adapted Treatment Regimen and PROS LMIC working groups of SIOP PODC has generated a large number of publications detailed below.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Parkes J, Hendricks M, Ssenyonga P, Mugamba J, Molyneux E, Schouten-van Meeteren A, Qaddoumi I, Fieggen G, Luna-Fineman S, Howard S, Mitra D, Bouffet E, Davidson A (joint senior author), Bailey S (joint senior author). SIOP PODC adapted treatment recommendations for standard-risk medulloblastoma in low and middle income settings. Pediatric Blood and Cancer 2015; 62: 553-64.

Hessissen L, Parkes J, Amayiri N, Mushtaq N, Sirachainan N, Anacak Y, Mitra D, Figaji A, Schouten-van Meeteren A, Sullivan M, Davidson A, Bouffet  E, Bailey S. SIOP PODC Adapted Treatment Recommendations Guidelines for Low Grade Gliomas in Low and Middle Income Settings. Accepted for publication in Pediatr Blood and Cancer 8 July 2017.

Howard SC, Davidson A, Luna-Fineman S, Israels T, Chantada G, Lam CG, Hunger SP, Bailey S, Ribeiro RC, Arora RS, Pedrosa FS, Harif M, Metzger ML. A Framework to Develop Adapted Treatment Regimens to Manage Pediatric Cancer in Low- and Middle-income Countries: The International Pediatric Oncology Society (SIOP) Committee for Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries (PODC). Accepted for publication in Pediatr Blood Cancer 9 October 2017.

Parkes J, Hess C, Burger H, Anacak Y, Ahern V, Howard SC, Elhassan M,  Ahmed S, Ghalibafian M, Abbasi A, Qureshi B, Zhagloul M, Zubizarreta E, Bey P, Davidson A, Bouffet E, Esiashvili N.

Recommendations for the Treatment of Children with Radiotherapy in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). A Position Paper from the PROS-LMIC (Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society), PODC (Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries) Working Group of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP). Accepted for publication in Pediatr Blood Cancer 3 November 2017.

Book Chapters:

Gajjar A, editor. Brain Tumours in Children. Springer. Submitted. Awaiting publication.

Bailey S, Parkes JD, Davidson A. Global perspectives in Paediatric Neuro-Oncology.

Bailey S, editor. Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Second Edition. Oxford University Press. Submitted. Awaiting publication. Bailey S, Davidson A. Paediatric Oncology in the Developing World.

Clearly this has put ourselves and our colleagues in a very strong position in global oncology, and we must thank CANSA for its ongoing commitment to this important work.

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