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Type C – Dr Lynn Edwards & Linda Greeff – Photovoice Project

Dr Lynn Edwards

  • Clinical Psychologist, Cape Town
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Linda Greeff

Title of the Project



People Living with Cancer’s advocacy initiative uses the photovoice method to gather authentic information about what South Africans have to say about their experience of cancer care. Through speaking out about problems, cancer advocacy provides an opportunity for patients, their families and supporters to influence decision making processes that affect their lives.

Advocacy uses different strategies to influence decision-making at local, national and international levels, including lobbying, social marketing, information, education and communication, community organizing and other tactics. The Photovoice campaign is supported by Cancervive – with the facilitating and collation of information in rural areas during the annual motorcycle awareness ride.

Project Description

CANSA made a contribution over a two year period to fund this project being conducted by Dr Lynn Edwards and Linda Greeff. This study aims to collect a total of 300 ‘stories’ from people with cancer, including any photographs they would like to include to highlight their experiences. The aim is to use these stories as an advocacy tool to highlight issues within cancer care provision and lobby for change. With the permission of the researchers, CANSA has access to this data and these stories and will be able to make use of them for advocacy, health campaigns and other purposes. In addition, CANSA is acknowledged in any peer-reviewed publications emanating from the project.

A series of 3 articles were published looking at the grass roots challenges that cancer patients experience within the South African health context.

Edwards, L.B., & Greeff, L.E. (2017) A descriptive qualitative study of childhood cancer challenges in South Africa: Thematic analysis of 68 photovoice contributions. South African Journal of Oncology, 1, 8 pages. doi:

Edwards, L.B., & Greeff, L.E. (2017) Evidence-based feedback about emotional cancer challenges experienced in South Africa: A qualitative analysis of 316 photovoice interviews. Global Public Health. doi: 10.1080/17441692.2017.1357187

LINK PAPER 3: /28/173/full
Edwards LB & Greeff LE, (2017) Exploring grassroots feedback about cancer challenges in South Africa: a discussion of themes derived from content thematic analysis of 316 photo-narratives. Pan African Medical Journal. 28, 173. doi:10.11604/pamj.2017.28.173.11894

Value for CANSA

The findings from this project will be used to inform service delivery initiatives to some extent, but largely, will be used to inform advocacy initiatives by CANSA from grassroots level right through the political level. Particular ‘stories’ from participants may also be used to ‘humanise’ the issues being addressed, which will be of particular value. In addition, this body of work will provide documented experiences of cancer by South Africans, something that is currently lacking in a formal way. The findings have also been used to inform the development of the Advocacy Toolkit which is being rolled out by the Cancer Alliance in 2017 and is supported by CANSA’s advocacy business plan. Read more…

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