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The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit to Address Local Issues

The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit to Address Local Issues

Zoleka Mandela speaks out

Ms Zoleka Mandela discusses the prevalence of women’s cancers at a press briefing in Johannesburg for the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit.

25 October 2013 – A press briefing held at the Sandton Sun Hotel in Johannesburg this week announced the important issues to be addressed at this year’s World Cancer Leaders’ Summit. Taking place for the first time in South Africa, the high-level policy meeting, organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and hosted by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), brings together key decision makers from around the world. The speakers at the briefing gave an in-depth overview of the local topics and challenges around cancer that South Africa and the wider Africa region faces, which will form part of the Summit’s programme next month.

Sue Janse Van Rensburg, CANSA CEO.

Sue Janse Van Rensburg, CANSA CEO.

Ms Zoleka Mandela, a cancer advocate and survivor, attended the briefing to share her involvement in this year’s Summit, and highlighted the key message that “Early detection of cancer can save lives,” based on her first-hand experience.

Ms Sue Janse Van Rensburg, CEO of CANSA and cancer survivor, explained the importance of ensuring better access, better reporting and having more data available so that cancer can be controlled in an effective manner. “We need this very important event to create more awareness” she said, “especially amongst the leaders in cancer control in Africa.”

Cary Adams, CEO UICC

Cary Adams, CEO UICC

The Summit will coincide with the release of the latest statistical data around incidence, mortality and prevalence for cancers worldwide. Mr Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer, UICC, was telephonically conferenced into the briefing from Geneva, Switzerland. He emphasised the significance of government at a national level to be well informed, “It’s important that every Minister of Health has accurate information on what the disease burden is in their country. The more information you have, the better governments are able to address the problem, and you are able to see results,” said Adams.  Read the Introduction to UICC Document.

According to CANSA more than 100,000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. Local issues around cancer in South Africa include early detection, access to information and treatment and women’s cancers, which are a big focus of the Summit this year. The two day World Cancer Leaders’ Summit, themed “Closing the Cancer Divide by 2025” will be held at the Mount Nelson and Cape Town City Hall in Cape Town.

For more information on the WCLS, please visit: Also follow @UICC #WCLS on Twitter.

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