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Ten-year Audit on Research Funding: 1994 to 2003

Ten-year Audit on Research Funding: 1994 to 2003

A bibliometric analysis of research publications funded partially by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) during a 10-year period (1994–2003). Download the document Research publications funded by CANSA.pdf.

An audit on outputs on research funded by CANSA was undertaken by Dr Carl Albrecht. During the period of analysis from 1994-2003, 129 researchers obtained research grants from CANSA totaling R28 178 961 ($4 776 095). The funds were used for 192 projects, which yielded 570 peer reviewed publications in 253 different journals listed in the PubMed database. The overall mean impact factor of all of the publications was 3.8.

In the conclusion of his analysis Dr Albrecht states: “This analysis shows that the CANSA-funded research output between 1994 and 2003 was excellent in terms of the number of publications, mean impact factor, cost per publication and overall bibliometric productivity which has been expressed in a novel, rational and uncomplicated formula for comparative purposes. About two thirds of the projects concerned laboratory and/or clinical research while only a third involved psycho-social aspects of cancer.

A third of the grantees did not publish a single paper and a stringent new agreement is being formulated to counteract this in future. While South Africa needs far more excellent research on cancer prevention the paramount need for merit when selecting projects is re-emphasized”.

By highlighting some of the work done by CANSA-funded researchers a common double thread becomes evident. The benefits of research are crucial now and in the future to increase the knowledge on cancer diagnosis and treatment but also for appropriate measures for cancer control.

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