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Satin Pillow Cases Help CANSA & Cancer Patients

Satin Pillow Case

Satin Pillow Case

Satin Pillow Cases Partner with CANSA

Satin Pillow Cases are proud partners of CANSA and for each satin pillow case that they sell, they will donate R1-00 to CANSA.

How Do I Order a Satin Pillow Case?

To order your own Satin Pillow Case (48cm x 70cm) in white, black or cream:

About Satin Pillow Cases – Product & Manufacturer:

Read more about the benefits of Satin Pillow Cases here – satin pillow cases are recommended for cancer patients to ease irritation, soothe sensitive scalps caused by cancer treatment and promote regrowth of hair.

For more information regarding the manufacturer, please visit their website.

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