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Sandra & Lindelwa Saved Through Self-Examination

Lindelwa Songca shares her story with others to raise awareness re breast cancer

Lindelwa Songca shares her story with others to raise awareness re breast cancer

Knowing and understanding your body is the most essential thing everybody needs to learn, according to Sandra Kohler and Lindelwa Faith Songca, breast cancer survivors.

It was through examining herself that Sandra discovered she had a lump on her right breast and immediately consulted a doctor. Faith, also examined herself and found a lump on her left breast. Both believe that it is vital that all women do a monthly breast self-examination, as a result of their experience.

Lindelwa used to work at the Department of Education where she had been taught how to do a breast self-examination. After her diagnosis, it came to light that several members of her family had also had cancer, but that no-one had spoken about it. According to Lindelwa, a myth re cancer in African Culture is that a person with cancer is bewitched and that this is why people often are afraid to share a cancer diagnosis. However, this is not true and she has seen many people with cancer go to sangomas for treatment and not get better.

Lindelwa feels that it is important that people face up to their symptoms as soon as possible: “People need to overcome the fear they have of going to a clinic. If you notice something unusual, seek help before the cancer gets worse.”

With the help of the CANSA Care Centre in East London, Lindelwa and Sandra live positive lives full of energy and are inspiring other cancer survivors.

* Lindelwa passed away in March 2015.

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