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Research Study – Breast Cancer & Physical Activity

Eligible breast cancer patients are invited to participate in a research study entitled Breast Cancer and Physical Activity.

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you undergoing breast cancer treatment? Are you in the remission and recovery phase of breast cancer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider taking part in a Master’s research project exploring the physical activity levels and preferences of breast cancer survivors. Your participation could help you to gain a greater understanding of your own physical activity habits and preferences which could inform the type and level of physical activity that will best benefit you.

You will be required to fill out a number of questionnaires that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The findings from these questionnaires will inform the development of exercise interventions for South African breast cancer survivors, tailored to their needs and preferences. Through publishing and distributing the findings they will be accessible to the wider community, highlighting how physical activity can be a lifestyle change reducing the risk of breast cancer, and playing a positive role in treatment and recovery for breast cancer survivors.

Inclusion criteria:
➢ Female breast cancer survivor (includes all phases from diagnosis through to remission)
➢ Minimum 21 years of age
➢ South African Nationality

If you are interested in finding out more or participating in this research, please contact Belinda Campbell (Rhodes University Masters student) at:

This research has been granted ethical approval by the Rhodes University Ethics Board (REC-241114-045).



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