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Research Study – Breast Cancer Patients

The University of Cape Town invites eligible breast cancer patients to participate in a research study entitled Development and evaluation of an education and exercise self-management intervention for breast cancer survivors.

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  • Have you completed surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation?
  • Are you in the remission and recovery phase of stage I, II, or III breast cancer?

If you answered yes, please consider taking part in a Ph.D. research study exploring if a self-management intervention can support the management of long-term side effects of breast cancer treatment. This could be an opportunity to learn about living with breast cancer long-term and to develop healthy habits.

You will be asked to complete questionnaires about your health, pain, and fatigue which will take 30 minutes. For this, you will be phoned when it is convenient for you. You will also be sent the handbook Survivorship information for breast cancer, to go through over 12 weeks. There is one module to read every week, such as: How to manage the long-term effects of breast cancer; How to find new cancer early; How to manage lymphedema; How to eat well with breast cancer; and more. You will be encouraged to do gradual, general exercises of your choice, shoulder exercises, and complete small tasks, such as goal setting. You will also be sent links to exercise videos for breast cancer survivors. After 12 weeks, you will be phoned again for the end-point questionnaires.

You can complete this study from home. Your information will remain confidential. Your name will not be recorded during a phone call or in any publication.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Female South African breast cancer survivors, 6 months to 10 years after surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiotherapy
  • Age 18- 70 years, not participating in other breast cancer research

If you are interested to take part, please contact Ph.D. candidate Anita Beutel at

The closing date for recruitment is 30 June 2023.

Please feel free to contact anyone involved in this research to seek further clarification or information:

This research has been granted ethical approval by the University of Cape Town, Faculty of Health Sciences, Human Research Ethics Committee.

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