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My Bottle Post Supporting CANSA

From friends to friends, nothing beats the charm of a handwritten letter or invitation for that special occasion. Your friends will know its special when they are notified to fetch your handwritten letter or invitation from the local Bottlepostmaster!

My Bottle Post is an invitation and letter writing service provided by small businesses to the general public in aid of deserving causes like CANSA. Instead of paying to use the service the sender and receiver each make a small donation of R20 or more to CANSA. In this special way My Bottle Post brings the joy of giving to more people with an affordable donation.

The service is used by the general public as a fun and exiting way of inviting friends to a celebration with a handwritten invite that is kept in a bottle until fetched by the addressee. When last did you receive a handwritten invite? You might also want to write a letter congratulating your friend or colleague on their special achievement or birthday. The sender may include a gift bought at the business, by including the receipt in the letter.

1. Listed on our website you will find the B.P.M. (Bottleposmaster) nearest to you that you can visit to write a letter or invitation on stationary specially designed for My Bottle Post.

2. You will roll up your letter and place it in a bottle where it will stay until fetched by your friend.

3. You will be asked to make a small donation to a charity instead of paying for the service rendered by the B.P.M.

Receiving a handwritten letter or invitation is special in itself but even more so if conveyed through the My Bottle Post service. You will know its special when you see the paper it was written on was specially designed for this part of the world.

Good enough to be framed and hung on your wall, wouldn’t that surprise your friend ! As with the writer, you will also be asked to make a small donation to a charity.

Support CANSA:

No cause deserves you attention more than our main beneficiary in South Africa – The Cancer Association, as most people are affected by cancer in some way if not personally.

Not all of us are able to donate a large amount of money even if we would love to make a difference.

My Bottle Post brings you this opportunity through our service with donations from as little as R20.00 when writing or receiving a letter or invitation.

In this way, you and your friends can make a big difference by using our service regularly and have a lot of fun doing it.

CANSA will receive 50 % of donations received until 31st July 2020.


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