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Lejweleputswa Mobile Clinic serves the community

Lejweleputswa Mobile Clinic serves the community

One of the services CANSA offers is early detection and prevention programmes, which is why the CANSA Mobile clinic has been in Lejweleputswa since the 1 April 2009. This programme is a service to the community and helps CANSA fulfill its mission statement.

The mobile clinic serves all target groups. There has been huge support from all the clinics we have visited, especially Lesedi Lechabile, which assigned one of their professional nurses, Sr Mantoa Faku, to assist with Pap smears and breast examinations.

CANSA is proud of the level of professionalism and respect shown to everyone by our nurse Sr Petro Murray, driver Ephraim Sehloho and our volunteers who act as administrators during mobile visits. To Dimakatso Sethabela, Letlhatso Moletsane, Maria Motsau and Maleshoane Mahlaba – well done guys!

CANSA Lejweleputswa encourages women and men to have regular check ups to identify any problems in the early stages. The sooner cancer is detected and treatment started, the better the outcome for the patient.

In 10 days the Mobile clinic and managed to do 250 Pap smears and breast examinations. We are happy to announce that the results are flowing in.


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