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“I’m Alive” Subscription on MyLife App to Benefit CANSA

CANSA is joining hands with MyLife Group Holdings, creating a revolutionary fundraising project named “I’m Alive” which offers CANSA partners and participating businesses in SA the opportunity to help sustain CANSA’s care and support programmes, while creating loyalty between their business and the community they serve.

Grow your business in the “I’m Alive” CANSA subscription on MyLife free of charge.

CANSA and MyLife® invites companies, businesses, and employees to participate in the I’m Alive! movement.  Simply download the MyLife Lifestyle App from Google Play or App Store, purchase the CANSA subscription for R200 and redeem discount vouchers to the value of over R10 000.  The discount vouchers can be made available to donors, employees, and individuals, offering value from well-known brands like Global Wellness Enterprises, Arrie Nel Pharmacies, Red Espresso, BoysToys, and Takealot.

Become a SUPPLIER of a “I’m Alive!” Subscription

Offer your products and /or services through the MyLife Lifestyle App. The benefit of becoming a supplier lies in offering a discount on your products or services in the form of a voucher for inclusion in this valuable subscription bundle, at no cost. Your discount voucher will be made available to all our donors, their employees and individuals in your community, giving value to all while you gain the opportunity to win clients from various networks to support your products and / or services.

Become a SUPPORTING BUSINESS of “I’m Alive!”

Support this valuable cause by offering your employees an “emotional” salary of more than R5 000 in discount vouchers. This way you can support CANSA to ensure continuity in fulfilling their valuable purpose in South Africa, while also rewarding your employees as part of a wellness or reward programme.


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