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Grant Funding Results for 2012

Grant Funding Results for 2012

Researchers working in hospitals, academic and research institutions across South Africa recently applied for research funding for 2012. They are seeking support for a variety of cancer research projects – from basic laboratory research to studies in cancer prevention and quality of life.

These applications were subject to a strict national review process which was carefully designed to make sure only the most worthy projects are supported.

Our Research Committee (RESCOM) met on 31 August 2011 to determine the funding allocations for 2012. Unfortunately, because CANSA has only so much money to spend on research each year, only five of the twenty-three new applications will receive funding in 2012.

The Committee looked specifically at projects which can be used to realign and strengthen CANSA’s health programmes which involve early detection and prevention campaigns as well as strengthen its watchdog role to the greater benefit of the South African public. The Committee was also led by specific written comments from more than one peer-reviewer for every applicant.

CANSA does not fund drug discovery and development or cancer treatment – but is more focused on epidemiology, early detection and prevention. Researchers are encouraged to also approach the Medical Research CouncilNational Research FoundationDepartment of Science & Technology and overseas sources for cancer research funds.

We are delighted to add the funding of these new research grants to our pool of outstanding cancer research projects.


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