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Graduates derived from CANSA granted projects ended 31 March 2016

CANSA acknowledges the importance of building the capacity of a new generation of cancer researchers to further develop much needed advances in cancer research in South Africa. As such, where appropriate our Type A grants permit students to work under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and grant holder to obtain a postgraduate qualification. Through this experience, postgraduate students may receive training in scarce skills techniques; gain exposure to disciplines and collaboration with other departments/faculties at universities and institutions at national and international level; and opportunities to present their research results at national- and international conferences to improve scientific exposure and communication skills. Several postgraduate students received research awards for their presentations at conferences and their postgraduate degrees were awarded cum laude. These research awards included recognition from CANSA.

At the end of March 2016, 11 researchers completed their CANSA research grants. Emanating from these projects a total of 40 degrees were awarded to students: nine Honours, 21 MSc and 10 PhD (five at University of Cape Town, 15 at University of Stellenbosch and 21 at University of Pretoria).


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