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Give a Queen a Crown Campaign

I am the creator of the Give a Queen a Crown campaign. I am a young lady from Botswana who is a model, a social media manager and a digital marketer. I would just like to provide some background information on my Give a Queen a Crown campaign and what inspired it.

I had a strange experience during a minor surgery in 2015, where I dreamed that my paternal grandparents (who have passed on) were at my bedside while I was under. I woke with a swollen mouth and tongue, unable to breathe or communicate my problem to the nurses around me. One nurse eventually caught on and stuck a tube down my throat to clear it.

When I came out of surgery (completely high), I told my father, David Inger, and his younger sister, Jennifer Inger, who I call AJ (Aunty Jen) about my strange and comforting dream and AJ said my grandparents must have been watching over me and protecting me. I thought so too.

Ever since that day, I have been unable to stop thinking about my grandparents, especially my grandmother.
I decided this year to make a video in honour of my grandmother as a birthday present to my dad and AJ. I was honestly nervous about cutting my hair. Some people even told me I would look ugly and it would be the end of my modeling, that only made me want to do iteven more! I was already emotionally invested.

I had no idea October was Pinktober, I had no idea about Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Everything just fell so perfectly into place when I started making the video and I could feel that it would turn out to be more than just a video enjoyed among family.

I didn’t know that much about cancer before I started but now, this cause has taken my heart by storm and I am excited to work on more cancer related projects and campaigns.

CANSA & Hair Donations for Wigs

Find out what the requirements for hair donations are and where to drop them, so that we can provide more cancer Survivors with wigs made from natural hair…

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