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Heroes Come in all Sizes

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Heroes of Hope come in all sizes. Meet one of our smaller ones . . . seven-year-old Brody Raynard…

As a young married couple, Lauren and Wesley Raynard were totally shocked when their 16-month-old firstborn, Brody, was diagnosed with one of the childhood cancers. How could it be possible?

The truth is that the statistics are chilling! Between 800 – 1 000 South African children are diagnosed with cancer every year.

But the reality is worse! It’s estimated that half of the children with cancer in South Africa are never diagnosed.

This is due to a lack of knowledge and awareness regarding the disease and how it presents in children, as well as stigma and myths related to cancer.

Addressing this lack of knowledge and awareness is one of our major priorities, so that children’s lives can be saved by early diagnosis and treatment.

And as a loyal supporter of CANSA, your donations made online help to provide this vital education and awareness. Thank you.

As little ones often do, Brody had bumped his head whilst playing, leaving a discoloured swelling. It seemed so ordinary. But four days later the swelling had worsened and darkened, and Brody was admitted to hospital for tests.

On the dreadful day of the diagnosis, Lauren said that she and Wesley saw their dreams and plans for their son’s future turn into preparation for his funeral.

During the following months of Brody’s chemotherapy treatment, the worst part was that Brody was too young to be able to describe his pain and feelings.

It was during this difficult journey that Lauren and Wesley learnt what support really meant – support from CANSA, from their family, friends, and neighbours, and from people praying for them.

They didn’t know it then, but people like you were also part of their support circle.

From the nightmare of diagnosis and treatment, Brody has emerged as a CANSA Hero of Hope. Today, he’s cancer free and is a happy healthy little boy. And his parents are so thankful for his second chance at life.

Whenever you make a donation to CANSA online, you have no idea how or who it might help.

And now that you know Brody’s story, I hope that the differences you make will be more real to you . . .

. . . real enough to click here right now to send your generous gift to support more children with cancer, and their families.

Alongside every CANSA Hero of Hope, there’s another hero. And that accompanying hero is you.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Elize Joubert
Chief Executive Officer

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