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Be a Hero of Hope to a Cancer Patient Amid Fear of COVID-19

Be a Hero of Hope to a Cancer Patient Amid Fear of COVID-19

Anybody who is living with, or has survived cancer, now fears dying from COVID-19.

As a CANSA supporter, you’ll truly understand these words, because a cancer diagnosis puts patients in the ‘most vulnerable’ category. Even more so, if they’re presently receiving treatment which dramatically lowers their immune system, and raises the threat of infection.

“It’s impossible to separate the two threats of cancer and Coronavirus.” (cancer Survivor)

Your donations in the past have always been part of the message of hope to the people we serve.

And because that hope needs to be kept alive, I’m asking you to become a Hero of Hope today by making your donation right now.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought back all the fears and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. Patients, Survivors, and their families are engulfed by a tidal wave of emotions.

“I didn’t survive cancer to die of Corona.” (cancer Survivor)

“The danger of the Coronavirus brings back the same sense of dread as my cancer diagnosis.” (cancer Survivor)

More than ever before, they need the reassurance, health guidelines, and support that friends like you – and CANSA can give them.

They need to know that we’re here for them.

“Caring support gives me the strength to carry on.” (cancer Survivor)

This pandemic makes the struggle of cancer patients even harder. And the lockdown makes isolation even greater. It’s been described as ‘living in a prison within a prison’.

CANSA depends heavily on supporters like you – and your donations – to enable us to give help where it’s needed most.

And when you become a Hero of Hope, by making your online donation, you’ll empower us to offer so much to cancer patients, cancer Survivors, and their loved ones.

My hope, is that you’ll send another ‘gift of hope’ right away.

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for your special kindness.

Elize Joubert


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