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CANSA's Holistic Cancer Care & Support

Video: Get Screened by CANSA Today

Video: Get Screened by CANSA Today

Imagine a world without cancer. CANSA is striving to create such a world through early detection, Mobile Health Units and screening. The main focus of CANSA’s Care Centres and Care Clinics is to provide comprehensive care and support to cancer survivors, caregivers and their loved ones. Read more about CANSA…

Furthermore, CANSA manages 8 Mobile Health Units which travel to communities across the country and also to remote areas to provide essential health training, education and cancer screening tests. The screening offered – breast examinations and pap smears – helps women to detect cancer early. A PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test is also offered to men to screen for prostate cancer and skin examinations are done to detect skin cancer.


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