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Ezee Plug Partners with CANSA to Promote Breakthrough Invention

21 May 2018 – Ezee Plug have partnered with CANSA, in order to promote this easy to extract three-pin electrical plug to communities all over South Africa.

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The World Cancer Research Fund has ranked South Africa as 50th worldwide in countries with the highest cases of cancer. Patients with cancer and other debilitating conditions may experience a weakened grip, making the task of extracting a three-pin electrical plug from a socket extremely difficult, even impossible.

The inventor of Ezee Plug, John Theron, witnessed a frail family member trying to pry a plug from its socket, and the idea was born. After manufacturing the first prototype, it became evident that the Ezee Plug had a place in the day to day lives of the community at large.

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Eeze Plug and CANSA realised a definite need for this product that can help caregivers and patients. The mass production of the Eeze Plug is set to begin within the next two months. A percentage of proceeds from all sales of the Eeze Plug will be donated to CANSA to assist with their research, education and support programmes.

“We look forward to a very successful collaboration with CANSA,” says John Theron.


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