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CANSA & WAND – Creating Awareness Among Disabled Women to Reduce Cancer Risk

CANSA & WAND – Creating Awareness Among Disabled Women to Reduce Cancer Risk

WANDFINAL LOGOMany disabled women are also diagnosed with cancer.

There is a big risk of late diagnosis of Breast Cancer among disabled women, as this group of women is not always targeted during information sharing campaigns, as the focus remains on their particular disability.

However, they are just as susceptible to cancer as any other woman and need to be aware of how to reduce their cancer risk.

CANSA supports WAND’s efforts to bring attention to this matter and seeks to reach disabled women through our awareness campaigns.

Breast Cancer & Women with Disabilities

About WAND

The Women’s Achievement Network for Disability (WAND), is an initiative by women with disabilities for women with disabilities.

The main aim of WAND is to raise the profile and awareness of disabled women and girls in South Africa, so that their human rights may be advanced and promoted.

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