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CANSA Response to Noseweek re Efficacy of Sunscreen

CANSA Response to Noseweek re Efficacy of Sunscreen


On the 30th September 2011, CANSA handed over 35 samples of sunscreen to Future Cosmetics for testing of UVA and UVB efficacy in relation to the COLIPA (European) Standards for sunscreens. Read more about this…

In the latter weeks of July 2012, Noseweek wrote a letter to CANSA requesting information for their August publication regarding this matter. CANSA provided a comprehensive response which included the background to the development of standards in the sunscreen industry and the role of the CANSA Seal of Recognition. Read CANSA’s letter to Noseweek…

August 2012 – Noseweek Magazine published an article questioning the efficacy of sunscreen and CANSA’s role in acting on behalf of the public in terms of disclosure of information and with regards to the integrity of the sunscreen industry.

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