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July 2015 – CANSA and the Stellenbosch University (incorporating the African Cancer Institute) hosted a ‘Research in Action’ Conference 14 to 16 July 2015 in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. CANSA brought together the South African cancer research community to network about what is being achieved in cancer research and ways to reduce the impact of cancer.

CANSA Research Conference Programme

Read our CANSA Research in Action Conference Booklet for details about Researchers and Abstracts

Elize Joubert, CANSA’s Acting CEO, says “We’re motivated to bring together our research grant holders, cancer researchers, professional societies, the National Department of Health representatives and cancer medical health care groups concerned with research. We’ll be covering the current leading cancers in South Africa – breast, cervical and prostate and also featuring presentations regarding the study of the spread and control of cancer, early diagnosis of cancer, reducing the cancer risk, basic molecular studies, cancer treatment, as well as rooibos tea and natural chemicals to lower the cancer risk.”

Read our CANSA Research in Action Conference Booklet for details about Researchers and Abstracts.

For recent updates from the conference:

All CANSA’s Type A (projects mainly focused on epidemiology, early detection and cancer risk reduction) research grantees presented their research in seven sessions providing a comprehensive view of CANSA sponsored research at universities. The conference concluded with a panel discussion regarding ‘The Future of Cancer Research in South Africa’ featuring panellists from the African Cancer Institute, National Department of Health, SA Medical Research Council as well as CANSA’s outgoing and incoming Heads of Research.

The conference also featured a presentation regarding CANSA’s Type B research that cover mainly projects covering carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) in the environment. These are conducted in-house, in collaboration with established research institutions to yield results belonging entirely to CANSA. The results are used to underpin CANSA’s ‘watchdog’ role, the aim being to protect and advise the public and consumer to reduce the risk of cancer. CANSA also aims to screen and evaluate products and where appropriate, award the product with the CANSA Smart Choice Seal.

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As a leading role player in cancer research, CANSA is one of the very few public funded organisations in South Africa that has sustainable funding for research. These funds, mainly donated by bequest, have been invested by experts for use in research within CANSA.

Joubert adds, “As cancer remains a large health problem, one of the most cost effective long-term strategies for cancer control is to help reduce the cancer risk through education and early detection. We ensure that the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research realign our advocacy focus (our watchdog role) and strengthen our health and care and support programmes to the greater benefit of the public. Our Type A research also covers a wide field of cancer research and is generally conducted by productive and energetic young scientists.”

CANSA has a policy of not funding anti-cancer drug development due to the extreme high costs, mostly only possible in developed countries and does not receive any funding from pharmaceuticals in order for its research outputs to remain independent.

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