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CANSA Nursing Sisters Offer Compassion & Practical Care

CANSA Nursing Sisters Offer Compassion & Practical Care

Caring for one is love, caring for hundreds – that’s nursing!

Without these devoted and talented CANSA nursing sisters, our stay-over beds, wigs, mobile health clinics, and CancerCare Coping Kits, would be useless.

Meet Sister Rosamunde Lorentz:

Sr Ross offering screening services in a Mobile Health Clinic

Sister Rosamunde , or Sister Ross as she’s known, is one of our dedicated Community Mobilisers who provide health screening and education.

“I passionately believe in spreading the message far and wide – one, that we must lower our cancer risk, and, two, we must be able to recognise the cancer warning signs in ourselves and in our children and grandchildren.”

She’s a real expert. In 1977, she started nursing at Groote Schuur, and followed that with midwifery and community nursing in Johannesburg. Later she went on to complete a university degree in nursing.

With missionary zeal, she gives talks on cancer to businesses, schools and social groups. She also does screenings and makes sure every affected person is helped through their anxieties.

Support from family, loved ones and the medical team is priceless. But an objective expert, like Sister Ross, is worth her weight in gold to someone going through the ordeal of cancer treatment.

There’s no need for anyone walking the cancer path to struggle on, without guidance and encouragement from someone like Sister Ross. That’s why we’re here.

We’re ready to step up for anyone who’s heard those dreadful words, “You have cancer!”

Sister Ross leads a team of gifted and compassionate, caring nursing sisters, caregivers and volunteers, who deliver the wealth of services we offer.

Our Nurses Share Why They are Passionate

On International Nurses’ Day, 12 May 2017, we asked our nursing sisters to share why they are passionate about their work – here are a few contributions:

Sr. Busi Mbatha says: “I’ve always been passionate about being a nurse. This way, I am able to help people with their health related issues and coping with health related situations they are faced with. This brings so much warmth, satisfaction and gratitude to my heart! Currently being involved at CANSA, and particularly doing early detection screenings and awareness, I realize how much of an influence my skills and knowledge are to society and for that I am proud.”

Sr. Russel says: “I so enjoy refining my professional knowledge, the rewarding personal and professional growth, as well as the development of the ability to be part of a team who provides dignity, self-respect and quality of life to patients again, even after devastating diagnoses / events. This has been “a road gladly travelled” and if I have to choose again, it would most certainly be nursing again.”

Sr. Linda Cipolla says: “Being able to get to know somebody and support them when they’re at their most vulnerable and sick is a really wonderful, gratifying feeling. I work with cancer patients. While you’d think be depressing, I’ve found it to be the opposite. I see patients diagnosed with cancer go through treatment and come out on the other side cancer-free and get their life back. There are some people who know from the beginning that they’re not going to make it. But to see them fight the disease anyway, so they can spend more time watching their kids grow up, watching their grand-kids grow up, or just doing whatever it is they need to do to close out their life, that’s just as inspiring.”

Sr Sane feels that helping all South African’s get the medical attention they need is of utmost importance. She loves educating the community and helping them understand cancer as a disease, about the importance of risk reduction and how to support someone with cancer. She loves her job and is passionate about caring for those who have cancer, as well as supporting and assisting families on their journey.

CANSA thanks all our nurses for their service and dedication to fighting cancer. We salute them, as they spend many hours with cancer patients and their families, instead of their own.

They run screening clinics, early detection programmes and wellness days to identify and lower the cancer risk of individuals, as well as educate the public on the importance of leading a healthy balanced lifestyle.


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