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CANSA Donor Appeal

Dear Donor

We ask that you would help us to help cancer patients, caregivers and loved ones, as they battle cancer. You can support these specific areas of CANSA’s work, listed below, per area of need and contact the responsible staff member.

Your donation will enable us to keep on supporting those who have been affected by cancer. General online donations towards CANSA’s work may be made on the CANSA Website.

We are so thankful to be making a difference in the lives of those we serve through our Tele Counselling service. Read about how many lives we have touched in our media release…

Many thanks!

Elize Joubert

List of Needs

Help us Create a Home-Away-from-Home during Cancer Treatment

What if you lived too far away from the nearest cancer treatment centre, and you weren’t able to receive treatment as a result? CANSA makes provision for adult patients at its 8 Care Homes across the country, and for parents / guardians / children and teens through its 2 TLC Lodges, 1 TLC Ward and 1 Teenage Support Room at Tygerberg Hospital, to provide accommodation near treatment centres for up to six weeks, providing meals and transport too*.

Help us with the following…

Care Homes (all)

  • maintenance to buildings (painting / repairs / plumbing)
  • vehicle to provide transport to treatment needs branding / sponsored fuel vouchers or cash / sponsored vehicle maintenance
  • sponsored maintenance of grounds
  • sponsored pest control services
  • food parcels for patients

Gavin Kester –

Eikehof Care Home

  • couches
  • dry wall to create extra rooms for patient examinations

Gavin Kester –

Johan Schoonhoven Care Home

  • a television

Gavin Kester –

Olea Katleho Care Home

  • a vehicle to transport patients to and from treatment
  • paint (building maintenance)
  • blinds for hallway
  • curtains for all rooms
  • x 30 bed comforters
  • toiletries and food parcels for patients

Gavin Kester –

Strelitzia Care Home

  • sponsored rainwater harvesting system and installation costs (5 000 to 10 000 litre tank)

Gavin Kester –

Tipuana Care Home

  • x 3 television sets
  • coffee, tea, sugar, milk (weekly)
  • cleaning materials and toilet paper (monthly)
  • paint (maintenance building)
  • roof repair services
  • solar panels to save electricity costs

Gavin Kester –

*2 CANSA Care Homes are self-catering

TLC Ward

  • maintenance / restoration of facility
  • door handles / locks need to be replaced
  • window handles / burglar bars for classroom
  • lighting needs to be improved in the clinic / procedure room
  • filing cabinets
  • desk (for teacher in classroom)

Anina Meiring – 

TLC Lodges (all)

  • warm clothes (children / teens)
  • toys / activities (hygienically sealed / BPA free / must be able to disinfect)
  • foldable tables
  • TLC specific branded banners, table cloths and funding for educational awareness pamphlets
  • Items for food parcels – click here for suggested items…

Anina Meiring – 

Nicus TLC Lodge

  • fridges need to be regassed
  • bathroom maintenance (damp seal / painting)
  • bedroom maintenance (pollyfilla / painting)
  • x2 geysers to provide hot water (currently NO hot water)
  • repair Hydroboil
  • new tags to open doors
  • school supplies

Anina Meiring – 

Teenage Support Room

  • Television
  • x2 tub chairs
  • x3 poofs
  • x2 seater couch
  • washing machine
  • tumble dryer
  • deep freeze
  • educational games
  • tablets

Anina Meiring – 

Help us Provide a Listening Ear to those Fighting Cancer

Imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis, or discovering that a loved one, friend or colleague has been diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes those closest to us are not equipped to deal with our emotions or concerns. Who would you turn to? CANSA’s psycho-social support services include a  free Tele Counselling (available in 7 languages), a Tele Stoma service, face to face individual counselling, support groups and online support groups.

What our counsellors need:

  • head sets (Tele counselling)
  • laptops (Tele counselling)
  • sponsored venues (support group sessions)
  • sponsored catering (support group sessions)
  • sponsored printed material (support group sessions)
  • sponsored food parcels (support group members / patients visited at home / in hospital)
  • branded social worker uniforms

Gretchen Minnaar – 

Equip our Nurses to Detect Cancer Early

You’d certainly agree that doing everything you can to detect cancer early and give treatment a chance to succeed is better than a late diagnosis, when treatment is no longer an option. Our CANSA nurses play a vital role in screening for cancer and educating regarding symptoms of cancer.

Help make their jobs a little easier, by providing the following…

  • stethoscopes
  • oximeters
  • thermometers (electronic)
  • baunometers (electronic)
  • glucometers and testing strips
  • hospital beds and mattresses
  • commodes
  • sponsors for volunteer training (home based care)
  • sponsored catering for training
  • sponsored venues for screening clinics / training volunteers
  • sponsored office / storage space
  • tyres / safe parking / fuel vouchers (mobile health clinics)
  • office stationery / printer-scanner / printer ink (record keeping / training material)
  • sponsored banners and table cloths for tables
  • sponsored training of nurses

Gerda Strauss –

Help Mobilise our Volunteers to Fight Cancer in their Communities

Their hands, feet and hearts are willing to assist us in the work we do to support those affected by cancer, but they are often unemployed and don’t receive payment for what they do, but as a labour of love. Will you help mobilise our selfless volunteers in their local communities so that they can help educate to lower cancer risk and offer care and support services?

These items would go a long way towards helping them achieve their goals…

  • sponsor transport (cash or fuel vouchers)
  • data (cash or vouchers)
  • food parcels (for volunteers to distribute in community)
  • donated adult nappies, linen savers and Nutrimil (for volunteers to distribute in community)
  • sponsored venue with computers / internet access (online training for volunteers)

Lisa Strydom – 

General Needs:

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