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Cancer Research Grant Applications for 2020


The Board of Directors has approved that the funding call below for research projects for 2020, be retracted until we are ready to invite research project proposals aligned with the newly established research priorities. Download the retraction letter

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has funding available for research projects initiated and executed at South African institutions such as universities, NGO’s and parastatal organisations. The purpose of this funding is to support high-quality research that will reduce risk, advance management and improve outcomes for the most common cancers in South Africa, including breast, cervical, prostate, colorectal and lung cancers.

Proposals on the following topics are invited:

  • Epidemiology and determinants of the burden of cancer in South African populations
  • Health seeking behaviours and early detection and diagnosis of cancer
  • Health promotion and risk reduction of cancer, with a particular focus on behavioural risk reduction
  • Optimal patient care addressing survivorship issues, quality of life, rehabilitation and palliative care services
  • Other health services and health system research relating to the above categories, including improved understanding of the major barriers to care as well as the impact of current referral pathways
  • Research relating to cancer biology/ biochemistry/ molecular biology/ immunology with direct implications for early detection, risk reduction and patient care

In keeping with these research focus areas, we extend invitations to applicants from public health and social science disciplines. We are particularly interested in considering submissions from researchers who may not have traditionally worked on cancer, but who may bring important perspectives from other health disciplines to cancer-specific research questions. In addition, we favour multidisciplinary projects; as part of this, we recommend inclusion of appropriate clinical perspectives in the project team, where applicable.

Researchers wishing to apply for a grant should contact the CANSA Research Administration office on telephone (021) 689 5381 or email to obtain more information about eligibility and the application process. Before applying, please ensure your review the rules and regulations document found here carefully. All applications will be evaluated strictly on scientific merit and awards made appropriately. The closing date for applications is 31 May 2020. No late applications will be considered.

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