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Cancer Awareness Ribbons – Prestige Awards Joins Hands with CANSA

Prestige Awards, a leader in the manufacturing of trophies, medals and badges has partnered with CANSA in an initiative to further the awareness of cancer.

The importance of public awareness of a disease like cancer cannot be stressed enough where one in four South Africans are affected.

Great strides have been made in treating the scourge of cancer with more options available to the medical team than ever before. However, when cancer is not diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, the survival rates begin to drop no matter what treatment the treatment. Clearly, a heightened awareness of the early signs of a malignancy is essential in order to manage the disease as early as possible.

Organisations such as CANSA have made significant progress in opening up the conversation and Prestige Awards is thrilled to be a part of the campaign in educating, supporting and raising public awareness, through the supply of awareness ribbons.

Prestige Awards manufactures these awareness ribbons using metal and coloured enamel paint, styled in the form of the looped ribbon. These are worn as a recognisable lapel pin and are a constant reminder of how important it is to remain vigilant about the early signs of a malignancy.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with CANSA, not only through the distribution of cancer awareness ribbons but also financially. CANSA depends on funding and in these tough economic times, we are pleased to make a contribution,” said Keith Haines, Marketing Manager at Prestige Awards.

For every ribbon sold, R2.00 will be donated to CANSA for the period of the partnership, which will continue as long as possible into the future. “As long as we are selling ribbons,” Keith added, “CANSA will benefit.”

Ribbons are available in various colours directly from the supplier (Prestige Awards), and orders can be placed via email on or via the website,

For further information, contact Keith on 082 962 7819 or by email

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