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Donna-Ley bracelet

Donna-Ley bracelet: CANSA receives 20% of the income of each bracelet sold

Honey earrings " bracelet set

Honey set: CANSA will receive a portion from sale of Honey earrings & bracelet set – limited offer R250

Pink Hola Watch

Pink Hola Watch: For each Hola watch sold CANSA receives R40 – watches from R200 & combos R350

Breast Assured

Breast Assured: A percentage of Breast Assured mastectomy accessories (clothes & gifts) will be donated to CANSA

Satin Pillow Cases

Satin Pillow Cases:
CANSA receives R1 for each
satin pillow case sold
Cost: R149

Rexel Office products

Rexel Office products:
CANSA receives a percentage
from the sale of certain Rexel Office products

Buy a Life Policy

Buy a Life Policy: CANSA will receive the proceeds and 20% of the introduction fees

CANSA diary

Buy a CANSA diary:
R110 to R265
CANSA receives R…

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 0800 22 6622 Toll Free
 072 197 9305 English and Afrikaans
 071 867 3530 Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and Siswati


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